The ability to change; are you ready?

In a conversation someone said, rather in a funny way, that the Pope is pro change. And if the Pope is, God is. Probably it was a reference to subjects such as birth control, homosexuality or whatsoever. Spontaneously I said that I really don’t need the Pope to tell me if God is ready for change or not.

God, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, is and always has been ready for change. He is ready for us to change. What kind of God would He be if He changes every year? Why do we expect God to change? To be honest I’m still figuring out what His thoughts are concerning some subjects. I can’t measure His mercy, love and grace. But one thing is certain, one thing remains… He is the same. He is still the only way, the only truth and the only path to experience life to the max.

Everything may change, but He’s still the same. I think that is my ‘end/beginning/turn of the year’ reflection. He is still the same in complex situations or in simple cases. He is still God in the high and low in your personal life. The question is: are you ready to change?

Lord, I am having a hard time to open my heart. I know that You are here, I know that You hear. I’m just longing for a miracle and waiting for it takes forever. Help me to experience a change of heart. A heart that is waiting for You and not for the realisation of my wish list.”

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